Bill Simmons Breaks Free: His “F—ing Sh**ty” ESPN Exit, Who Courted Him and Details of His HBO Show | Hollywood Reporter

Lacey Rose writing for the Hollywood Reporter:

Bill Simmons is mere weeks away from launching the most high-profile phase of his professional career — his very own HBO talk show to complement a recently launched website and an already popular podcast. But on this springtime afternoon, the 46-year-old sportswriter turned multimedia juggernaut sits slouched in his Los Angeles office, unable to pull himself out of the past.

Specifically, May 8, 2015, the day the world fell on top of him.

I didn’t know much about Bill Simmons before reading this profile, but I really like him now! Bill is opinionated, and doesn’t back down even when it meant being fired by ESPN. I’m eagerly awaiting his new show on HBO.

Why I Quit Twitter — and Left Behind 35,000 Followers | Th New York Times

Jonathan Weisman writing for The New York Times:

For weeks, I had been barraged on Twitter by rank anti-Semitic comments, Nazi iconography of hooknosed Jews stabbing lovely Christians in the back, the gates of Auschwitz, and trails of dollar bills leading to ovens. It all started after I linked to an essay, on my Twitter account, by Robert Kagan — one that discussed the emergence of fascism in the United States. At first, I let it flow, determined to preserve my Twitter time line as a shrine to hate and incontrovertible evidence of rising anti-Semitism. But last week, I had begun reporting the most egregiously abusive accounts to Twitter — and I’d received no response.

The things that were said to Jonathan are absolutely atrocious. The fact that Twitter doesn’t seem to care, makes them complicit of this abuse.

Pull List for June 8, 2016

Comics I’m picking up this week.

First off… let me come clean: I totally bought Civil War II last week. I really wasn’t going to because it is expensive, but I just couldn’t help myself. I’m so glad I bought it. Issue #1 of Civil War II is excellent. It sets up a story that I’m looking forward to seeing unfold.

Now, let’s get to books I’m picking up!

  1. All-New X-men #10 - I feel like I’m one of the few that are really enjoying this book. Many longtime X-men fans don’t particularly like this run, but it’s way better than watching that terrible X-men movie in the theater right now.
  2. Daredevil #8 - I’m a bit behind on Daredevil because I bought the trade, but it only had the first five issues. So I had to order issue #6 online, and I’m waiting for that one so I don’t miss anything.
  3. Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 - Wonder Woman is one of my favorite all-time heroes. I’m really looking forward to getting into this run from the beginning.
  4. Flash Rebirth #1 - I caught the last two issues of the New 52 Flash, and I wasn’t impressed. I’m hoping this new run is better. If the DC Universe Rebirth issue is any indication, the Flash is at the center of the conflict so, it’ll be fun to read.

What are you picking up? Let me know on Twitter.

Let's Be Honest, You Really Don’t Want It | LessEverything

Allan Branch:

I’ll use me as a real example. I’d like to lose another 50 pounds. I know how to lose it. I just don’t want it bad enough to put forth the effort to lose it. I just don’t want it bad enough.

It’s more pleasing to just complain than take action. Action is a lot of work and usually isn’t fun.

How Our Remote Engineering Team Stays Agile | Help Scout Blog

Chris Brookins on the Help Scout Blog:

With a deliberate culture of consistent asynchronous communication, team members can focus on their work while staying in the loop. Our engineers thrive in an environment that promotes autonomy, trust and flexibility. The end result is a motivated and productive engineering team that can spend more time delivering value for our customers and our business and less time in painful meetings and long email threads.

If you manage a remote team, read this.

You Don't Need JavaScript for That! | Thoughtbot Blog

Cristina Silva on the Thoughtbot Blog:

Every project has different needs, so make sure you’re picking solutions that work best for your project’s goals. No single solution will work for all projects. In the meantime, it’s great to see what CSS can accomplish on its own.

I love this paragraph because it says what’s necessary to say: using JavaScript isn’t bad, but when it becomes the default solution—instead of exploring a simpler CSS solution—you may be adding unnecessary cruft to your project.

Pull List for June 1, 2016

Comics I’m picking up this week.

Not a huge week for me, as I’m not incredibly interested in a lot of the new DC issues coming out.1 Also, I’ve decided to drop Civil War II because this week’s issue is $5.99 and $4.99 after that. Too expensive for me, I’ll just pick up the trade.

  1. All-New Wolverine #9 - This book has been really great. I’m a huge fan of Logan, but Laura is a great character and more than worthy replacement. Issue #7 with The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl was so freaking awesome. Highly recommended.
  2. All-New All-Different Avengers #10 - The Avengers are going to space because Nova needs help. Hoping to see some cool crossovers.
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #13 - Looks like another team up with Iron Man. Should be good.
  4. Batman Rebirth #1 - I love Batman, and I’m looking forward to getting into this new run. Plus, it’s written by Tom King whom I’ve heard is an amazing writer.

What are you picking up? Let me know on Twitter.

  1. Just as a side note, you’ll notice that the date on this post is June 1. The reason for that, is because the comic week starts on Wednesday. Wednesday is new comic book day. If you want more info, read my post on getting starting with comics

Owning My Words by Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith:

I think it’s easier to fling off some thoughtless remarks when you’re doing it on someone else’s site. I bet you that the discourse on Ev’s blog would be of a much higher quality if you could only respond from your own site. I find I’m more careful with my words when I publish here on I’m taking ownership of what I say.

Jeremy makes a great case. I syndicate my articles to Medium, but it made me think that I should probably be using Twitter as syndication as well.

More Contributions on Your Profile | GitHub

Sarah Vessels on the GitHub blog:

Earning green squares on your contribution graph means celebrating the work you do in open source and public projects. Starting today, you can also celebrate the work you do in private by sharing anonymized contributions from private repositories.